Week 48 (2001)


Robbers Strike at S&V Dev. Co. In Broad Daylight

Blood stains, broken glasses and the sign: "sorry we are closed" were unusual features at S & V Development Company Ltd. in Mandeville at approximately 12:20p.m. on Monday, November 26. This occurred after a daylight robbery attempt and shooting incident ensued at the Ward Avenue based company. At about 12:10pm, two armed robbers posing as customers entered the building. According to police reports, one went to the left of the building, while the other went to the right. It is reported that they ordered the employees and customers to lay low and then demanded money. The security guard who challenged the men with gunfire was shot and injured in the process. One of the robbers reportedly broke a window with gunshots before he managed to escape through the window. While the other escaped through the other door. The security guard was taken to the Mandeville Regional Hospital for treatment. The Mandeville C.I.B. detectives who were early on the scene recovered several spent shells and a magazine with fourteen live rounds. Blood stains and an object appearing to be a small piece of flesh were also found at the scene. When the Mandeville Weekly visited the scene employees at S & V Development Co. were obviously in a state of shock. The men escaped in a waiting vehicle, without any cash. Detective Sergeant, Orrel Simpson is imploring individuals to be extremely vigilant for criminal activities, especially at this time of the year when we are approaching Christmas. He also had a warning for taxi-operators and proprietors of car rental companies. According to Detective Sergeant Simpson it is important that taxi-operators be very careful when transporting passengers as criminals may use their services in illegal activities. He also suggested that car rental companies acquire a photograph of their customers before renting cars to them. This is the second armed robbery in Mandeville in less than two months. In October armed robbers stole an undetermined sum of money from the Mandeville Branch of the Jamaica Biscuit Company located at Caledonia Road. To date there have been no leads into the incident.


Sanity Being Restored At WTO

The world will definitely not be the same again as a result of the tragic events of Sept. 11th, a painful wake-up call for those world powers supporting economic policies injurious to developing countries. The recently concluded fourth Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which ended in Qatar literally put the brakes on unbridled globalization when it was agreed, despite the protests of the US and the EU, that there would be no negotiations on trade liberalisation after the next WTO Ministerial Meeting in 2003 unless there was explicit consensus, a significant victory for developing countries which now have some breathing space to formulate survival strategies. A powerful new coalition of developing countries has now emerged led by India in partnership with Africa, the Caribbean and many of the world's poorest nations to counter the might of the US and the EU which will result in a new world economic order, time to step up to the plate. Here in Jamaica, let us now concentrate on our potential as a nation and aggressively pursue sensible policies to lift us out of our present burden of debt, let us not continue to compromise important issues such as food security for some cheap rice from our neighbours to the north, what we have to understand is that the same "Greeks bearing gifts" will unhesitatingly crush us like a cockroach, the day we get out of line, we don't have to lose our dignity simply because we are poor.


Miss CTC 2001 Crowned

Shrimp, uniquely prepared, chicken of all sorts, pastries and entertainment were some of the attractive, features of the Lions Club of Mandeville's Bickle and Brawta Extravaganza held recently in the Guardian Life Car Park, Mandeville.
Special guest artistes, Barbara Brown and her group from Montego Bay had the audience spell-bound throughout their performance of limbo and bamboo dancing, drumming and fire-eating.
Twelve booths consisting of some of Manchester 's best restaurants were set up to cater to the appetites of all who were in attendance.
President of the Lions Club of Mandeville, Francis Pearson said that the event was held to raise money to fund the organization's charity activities. Chief among them, he said was a sight programme. Last year, a group of doctors and ophthalmologists from the Canadian Vision Care (CVC) treated some four hundred residents from across the parish. Additionally a team of medical officials from the Canadian based CANSEE group operated on seventy-three patients affected by cataracts while approximately 350 other individuals were assisted with tested glasses.


Stray Animals, Praedial Larcency Create Problems At Elim

The problem of stray animals is seemingly becoming a primary problem in the Black River area of St. Elizabeth, and in Elim the problem for several individuals, especially those at the Elim Agricultural School, seems to have reached its worst. Recently, the Mandeville Weekly visited the Elim Agricultural School principal of the institution Mr. Blansford Henry said that the school has in recent times experienced much inconvenience because of stray animals, which enter the premises of the school and destroy their crops. According to Mr. Henry, at times there are up to 30 stray animals on the property. Mr. Henry pointed out that the school is unable to maximize the potential of most of its prime agricultural land because of the threat posed by the stray animals. The principal pointed to an area of sugar cane, which was damaged by stray animals. He is adamant that if the school is to be efficient then there must be more assistance from government to alleviate the consequences resulting from stray animals. According to Mr. Henry, fencing existed around the perimeter of the school, however residents of the community have destroyed it. "We now have to consider using wire and concrete posts to erect proper security fencing," he said, however according to Mr. Henry the school cannot afford to fund such a project. The principal is therefore calling on the Minister of Agriculture and Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. Roger Clarke to assist the school in erecting security fencing. Compounded with the problem of stray animals is that of praedial larceny. On several occasions thieves have broken into the pig and goats farms at the school and stolen their animals. Since the start of the year the school has lost animals valued over $50,000.


Praedial Larceny frustrates Clarendon farmers

One of two men who reportedly broke into the Petcom service station at Osbourne Store in Clarendon recently was fatally shot by the proprietor. The dead man is unidentified. The CCN's Liaison Officer for Clarendon reports that about 3:30a.m., two men reportedly broke into the rear section of the building, and set off the alarm. The proprietor was alerted and on his arrival, one of the men reportedly opened fire at him. He pulled his licenced firearm and returned the fire hitting one of the men. He died on the spot. The other man escaped on foot in the area. The Four Paths Police are investigating.


US Ambassador Tours Alpart

United States Ambassador to Jamaica, Sue Cobb, her husband Mr. Charles Cobb and an entourage toured the plant of Alumina Partners of Jamaica (Alpart) on Friday November 23. The tour was part of a familiarization activity of Ambassador Cobb who has succeeded Ambassador Stanley McLennon as US Ambassador to Jamaica. Ambassador Cobb and her entourage first viewed a video presentation featuring mining operations at Alpart and a brief overview of the company's history before she went on a tour of the plant. Alpart, which is the largest Alumina Plant in the island began operations in 1969 and has seen considerable growth in Alumina production over the years. Presently the plant produces 1.5 million tonnes of Alumina per year and it is expected that this figure will increase to 1.6 million within another year. The US dignitaries were introduced to the four-stage process used in alumina production at Alpart. The stages are digestion clarification, calcination and precipitation.


Outstanding Local Government Employees To Be Honoured

Custos of Westmoreland, Hon. Owen Sinclair OD., will be guest speaker at an awards function to honour stalwarts who have served and are still serving in the field of Local Government. The function, the final of many events marking Local Government Month, will be held at Commingle Hotel, Savanna-la-mar on Thursday November 29 at 4p.m. Local Government Month was launched in Westmoreland with a religious service at the Ricketts River Holiness Christian Church with Rev. Lorrel Garwood officiating and preaching the sermon. Custos Sinclair who addressed the congregation, said the Custos, the Church and the Parish Council should be working together for the good of the people as happened in former years. He appealed for a return of important values such as good order and honesty. One interesting feature of the Month's celebrations was the staging of a youth council, a mock debating forum at which the parish's 15 council divisions "elected" one representative each to be "junior mayor" who presided over the spirited and wide ranging debate on Thursday November 22. "Junior Councillors" also participated in a workshop on the first of November at the Wesley Methodist Church Hall in Savanna-la-mar. In addition, they attended the regular monthly meeting of the Council at St. Georges Anglican Church Hall on November 8. Saturday November 17 was a fun day when a six-a-side football competition was staged among teams representing the 15 divisions in the parish. The match, which took place at the Reno Football Field, Cornwall Mountain division won Llandillo with Bethel Town taking the runner-up spot. The "junior Councillors" were elected from various schools in each of the 15 Parish Council divisions around Westmoreland.


Cabinet Approves JAS Agricultural Fund

By January of next year the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) Agricultural Development fund is expected to be established. The fund which is aimed at supporting the implementation of structured projects intended to address constraints to productivity and competitiveness of local production, was approved by cabinet last week and already Minister of Agriculture the Honourable Roger Clarke was expressed optimism that the sector will benefit significantly. Speaking in an interview with the Mandeville Weekly, Minister Clarke said that the Ministry of Agriculture remains committed to the future development of the sector. He pointed out however that if the fund is to be successful, then all the relevant agencies of government as well as farmers must co-operate. As part of the fund the JAS would receive 1/3 or 1/2 of 1% of agricultural export and import duties on an annual basis. This means that the organization could receive between $300 and $400 million per year. The fund will be used to establish programmmes such as a tractor service programme to assist in the training of farmers in farming technology, as well as to support environmental programmes, promote efficient agricultural practices establish a central market for agricultural products and importantly, attract more young people to the sector.


Timely Thoughts

For the benefit of some who have been praying for a long time concerning events in their lives, I hope you will be encouraged by this poem, "God answers Prayer," by Author unknown.
God Answers Prayer
I know not by what methods rare, But this I know-God answers prayer. I know that He has given His word That tells me every prayer is heard, And will be answered, soon or late, And so I pray and calmly wait.


Dear Andrea,

I have been married for twenty-nine years, my husband has passed half a century in age, and appears to me more virile now than ever. He is not working at this point in time, so he lazes around at home and is more rested than me who have to work. When I am tired he is not. The problem is he quarrels with me at the end of the workday when I am very tired and threatens to leave me for younger, carefree girls. Recently I heard him bragging that men his age should only relax and have a couple of young girls. He spends or squanders his money to get sexual favours from these girls who sport the latest wigs extension hair and designer clothes, while "I his wife" dresses moderately, and gets a meagre sum of money from him weekly for shopping for food for the entire family of six. Those surprise gifts that a man gives his wife are not for me, yet he buys his girlfriends expensive drinks and jewelry. When I am low in funds and ask him for some he refuses, saying "you are a working woman I am not." He takes care of his red B.M.W. car more than me . Everyday religiously he washes and waxes it, yet I who am often ill don't get that attention. I fell in my bathtub at home one night while bathing and suffered a head injury, which would have been fatal, and he didn't even care. The question is what must I do with a man like this?


Dear Wifey,

I don't like to give advice to women who have had so many years of marriage and are having problems with their husbands. The reason is-it is unfair but the truth if I say, "Give him a walk". He seems to be taking you for granted. This should not be, you both should be aging and settled in your marriage, so that not even an "H" bomb should separate you both, after so many years. Now is the time when you should be doing all those things you couldn't have done while raising your children (let me assume you have children) going on vacations, pleasure outings, and other things that you both can do to get pleasure, and of course going to church and taking an active part so that you can pass on some good values to your children and others. You need to tell him how you feel about everything you mentioned. If he loves and respects you he will start doing things to make you feel better towards him. If he doesn't, that shows he has had it with you and you are just a piece of furniture lying around. If you think this is so give him a "break".