Week 47 (2001)


Let's Nip It In The Bud

Residents of Mandeville and surrounding areas are concerned for their safety as a result of reports of increasing criminal activity in the parish, especially those crimes which involve guns and sexual assaults of our young female students.
The town of Mandeville has undergone a complete transformation over the last twenty years, no longer can it be described as a ghost town after 6p.m. when residents of outlying districts scrambled to get home in one of the handful of taxis, how times have changed.
Congestion is now the order of day in the town centre as itinerant vendors converge on our streets to eke out an honest living, for the most part. Whereas in the past everybody knew everybody, that is not so today and this is creating a nightmare for our law enforcement officers as criminals can be in and out of the town without being recognized.
The recent murder of a young taxi operator has shocked the entire community, now is the time to strengthen the usually close relationship between the police and the citizens, if you allow a criminal to live beside you without reporting it to the police then you are also a criminal, at this time we all have a responsibility to rid our community of criminal activity, let us take a stand!


CMU conducts operation in Mandevile

Head of the Crime Management Unit (CMU) Senior Superintendent of Police Reneto Valentino de Cardova Adams led his team of police officers and members of the Area 3 Flying Squad on an operation in several communities in the Mandeville area last week in wake of the recent increase in criminal activities in the parish.
Senior Superintendent Adams received a royal welcome by scores of curious citizens who converged at the Mandeville Police Station after news broke that the CMU head had arrived in the parish.
The team conducted operations in sections of Greenvale, Grey Ground Richmond, Georges Valley and Belretiro.
During the Operation, 26-year-old plumber, Lenworth Wilson was arrested for illegal possession of ganja and six 9mm cartridges.
In recent weeks, there has been mounting fears in the parish as a result of an increase in criminal activities.
According to the Constabulary Communications Network (CCN) between October 12 and November 12, 2001 six murders were committed in the parish two of which involved taxi-operators in separate incidents.
Two of the incidents were gun related while the other deaths including the taxi-operators were caused from knife and machete wounds. Since the start of the year to November 15, twenty-seven murders have been committed in the parish in comparison to twenty in the previous year. Seventeen cases of shooting, twenty six cases of rape, twenty-four cases of carnal abuse and ninety-two cases of robbery were committed in the same period last year, while up to November 15 this year, there were thirteen cases of shooting, forty-four cases of rape, nineteen cases of carnal abuse and eighty-three cases of robbery.
In light of the murder cases involving taxi-operators several others in the parish have written to the Transport Authority requesting that they be allowed to remove the route signs posted on their vehicles.
The letter stated that they may be more easily identified and targeted with the signs on their vehicles.
More on crime in Manchester in next week's issue.


Bickle and Brawta Extravaganza Staged

Shrimp, uniquely prepared, chicken of all sorts, pastries and entertainment were some of the attractive, features of the Lions Club of Mandeville's Bickle and Brawta Extravaganza held recently in the Guardian Life Car Park, Mandeville.
Special guest artistes, Barbara Brown and her group from Montego Bay had the audience spell-bound throughout their performance of limbo and bamboo dancing, drumming and fire-eating.
Twelve booths consisting of some of Manchester 's best restaurants were set up to cater to the appetites of all who were in attendance.
President of the Lions Club of Mandeville, Francis Pearson said that the event was held to raise money to fund the organization's charity activities. Chief among them, he said was a sight programme. Last year, a group of doctors and ophthalmologists from the Canadian Vision Care (CVC) treated some four hundred residents from across the parish. Additionally a team of medical officials from the Canadian based CANSEE group operated on seventy-three patients affected by cataracts while approximately 350 other individuals were assisted with tested glasses.


Sellington benefit from training seminar

Scores of farmers from the community of Sellington in Brompton, St. Elizabeth participated in a special training seminar on Tuesday November 13 in their community staged by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture's Fruit Tree Crop Project.
This was the second in a series of islandwide seminars being conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture in an attempt to create greater awareness towards the proper care and management of fruit trees.
With the increase in demand both locally and overseas, for products such as ackee, the project also aims to establish 880 hectares of fruit trees over a three year period according to project co-ordinator, Claudette Bernard.
The community of Sellington is popular for mangoes, ackees, cashew and several other fruits, but according to Mr. Locksley Waite, Agronomist, the farmers in the community do not pay due attention towards the care of these fruit trees.
"Sellington is one of the most fruitful areas in Jamaica" said Mr. White, while encouraging farmers to prune their fruit trees as regularly as is necessary and to regularize the "balance" of the tree so as to ensure maximum photosynthesis which will encourage maximum productivity.
The seminar also included demonstrations of pruning and grafting as well as lectures on fruit crop care.


Praedial Larceny frustrates Clarendon farmers

About 40% of crop production in Clarendon is lost to praedial thieves and this is becoming more and more frustrating and discouraging for Clarendon farmers says Nicholas Batchelor, Chairman of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) Clarendon.
Speaking recently in an interview with the Mandeville Weekly, Mr. Batchelor said that citrus crops were the main crops stolen.
According to Mr. Batchelor, if praedial larceny continues to affect farmers, then the number of farmers in the agricultural sector will continue to dwindle.
Mr. Batchelor said that for a very long time the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) has been lobbying for the government to put steps in place to deal with the problems of praedial larceny, however, he said "I am not pleased with the progress at which they are addressing the matter."
The JAS has proposed that a system be put in place, which would ensure that all farmers deliver receipts to those who buy their produce. According to Mr. Batchelor in the event that a vehicle transporting produce is stopped by the police and a receipt cannot be shown as proof of purchase, then the produce would be seized.
Mr. Batchelor also said that the government needs to better assist farmers during "slow periods" especially during drought.
According to Mr. Batchelor, while the farmers appreciate the assistance provided through the Government's Social and Environment Support Programme (SESP) farmers could be more productive with assistance in the reparation process.


Rehabilitated roads to be handed over in St. Elizabeth

Several rehabilitated roads in St. Elizabeth are slated to be handed over on Thursday, November 22.
The roadways were rehabilitated under the Ministry of Local, Government and Community Development Parish Infrastructure Development Programme (PIDP).
The roads to be handed over are, South Hampton, Chocolate Hole, Port Sea, Logwood Pen, Brompton Lane and Maybole Main roads which will be handed over in two significant ceremonies, one in South Hampton and the other at Maybole.
The road rehabilitation projects, which are undertaken by Asphalting Specialist Ltd., began in February of this year and were completed in June.
Although completed within schedule, the project was over run by 2.14% costing $9,669,689 instead of the projected $9,466,873.
The project included , the rehabilitation of 1.235 km of road in Chocolate Hole, 1.638km in Port Sea and 1.116 km of roadway in South Hampton while 1.03 km of roadway was repaired in Logwood Pen.
Several officials of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development and councillors of the respective divisions will be touring the roads before the official handing over.


Shrimp festival postponed

The popular South Coast Shrimp and Craft Festival which was planned for Sunday, November 25, at the Cashoo Park , Lacovia has been postponed due to the prevailing inclement weather.
The South Coast Shrimp and Craft Festival brought thousands of Jamaicans together in the lush surroundings of Lacovia and allowed the residents of Slipe another market for their shrimp as well as the craft producers in the parish.
The Ministry of Tourism and Sport and the Tourism Product Development Co. have been working with the community over the years and wish to inform the public that a review and follow-up will be done to assess the viability of staging the event in 2002.


"Ted" Edwards passes on

Wadsworth "Ted" Edwards died at age 80 on Sat. November 17 after a long period illness.
An outstanding educator, Mr. Edwards taught at Calabar College in the 1940's before he founded his private institution, the North Western Academy in Montego Bay. He established the real estate company, Edwards Associates Ltd. in St. James before becoming the head of the Jamaica Bible College in 1977.
After retirement in 1988, Mr. Edwards lectured at the Midland Bible Institute until he became ill in 1999.
The author of three publications, Mr. Edwards got married to Deloris Haughton in 1956. The union produced children: Jacqueline and Bradley and foster child, Patricia.
The Mandeville Weekly expresses sympathy to Timely Thoughts Columnist D. Edwards, other relatives and friends on the passing of Mr. Edwards.


Brooks call for fairness, transparency in awarding government contracts

Jamaica Labour Party Caretaker/Candidate for Central Westmoreland, Trevor Brooks is demanding of Government, fairness and transparency in awarding contracts and in selecting workers for special projects in the Constituency.
According to Mr. Brooks, known PNP activitists and supporters have been the sole beneficiaries of government contracts and other special work projects. The barefaced victimsation of all persons other than known PNP supporters has added in no small measure to the social unrest manifesting itself in the frequent riots and demonstrations in and around Savanna-la-mar in recent times, he said.
The JLP Caretaker/Candidate is repeating his call to Member of Parliament Dr. Karl Blythe and Minister of Transport and Works, Bobby Pickersgill to immediately put plans in place to effect a massive road improvement programme in Central Westmoreland.


Timely Thoughts

Elizabeth Cheney's poem "Overheard in an Orchard" never fails to challenge my faith in God.
1. "Said the robin to the sparrow, I should really like to know
Why these anxious human beings, Rush about and worry so?
2. Said the sparrow to the robin, Friend, I think that it must be
That they have no Heavenly Father, Such as cares for you and me.


Dear Andrea,

I am seventeen years old and attend a high school. I travel on a bus to school occasionally and sometimes my mother takes me. I am falling in love with the bus driver that plies my route. I occupy the seat beside the driver and often the bus is jammed packed so I end up next to him because in this bus, the passenger seat is right beside the driver. To be comfortably seated I have to spread my legs, so the gear stick is between my legs, he told me he wants to use "his" gear stick in me just like he does when he is driving. I like the idea because he seems so cute, but I am afraid of my mother and the idea of getting pregnant frightens me. What do you think Andrea?


Dear Frightened,

I get many letters from young ladies writing about falling in love and afraid of getting pregnant. There are many other things to be afraid of before you start to worry about those things. Like sexual diseases and men who will use your body for their pleasure and mean you no good. You need to concentrate on your lessons with a view to getting a career, so that you don't have to be dependent on your mom and men in particular. You really don't have to sit where you sit on the bus, you seem to be a teaser. In the future change your seat on that bus, then you won't have to be subjected to the lust of that bus driver. Don't be carried away by the wily behaviour of men and their cuteness. Not everything that appears so is so. Think positively and you'll conquer all those negatives that will affect your future.