Week 45 (2001)


Speculators Rearing Their Ugly Heads

Make no mistake about it; the tragic events of Sept. 11 coupled with the specter of a prolonged biological warfare via the Anthrax route have virtually placed the entire United States of America in a state of siege. How all of this will affect us must be the million-dollar question.
The Jamaican dollar is once again being pressured by speculators who are hell bent on getting their pound of flesh regardless of the perilous state of the economy, what are we going to do with these morons?
Haven't we been through the grief of the nineties with rampant inflation squeezing the poor mercilessly, can we afford to have a repeat performance now, imagine our central bank having to unload US$150 million in one week in order to stabilize the foreign exchange market and were these not some of the same people lambasting the Government for building up its Net International Reserves, can you imagine the predicament we would be in if we didn't have that 150 million.
In Brazil for example, the amount of paperwork that is necessary to purchase even the smallest amounts of US currency acts as a deterrent to would be speculators, even in the United States of America there is a certain amount of controls, the total liberation of our foreign exchange market has caused more harm than good, let us tighten up the system, the struggle to survive in a globalized socieety is all we can handle at this time, our local speculators must find other ways of making a living.


Drug Awareness Month Launched

In recognition of Drug Awareness Month being observed throughout November, the National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) held a special divine service on Sunday November 4 at the Mandeville Church of God, 5 Brumalia Road, Mandeville.
As part of the celebrations for drug awareness month 2001, panel discussions and other activities will be held across the island by the NCDA's parish Drug Awareness Committees (PARADAC) under the theme "drug awareness is the way; be empowered today."
Justice of the Peace, Mr. Stanley Skeene, who represented the Custos Rotulorum for Manchester, Dr. the Hon. Gilbert Allen, read the Governor General's proclamation for Drug Awareness Month.
He pointed to the increasing number of cases related to substance abuse and noted that it is becoming a scourge on society by destroying healthy, creative and productive individuals.
The Governor General called on Jamaicans to support the activities being staged to promote drug awareness and specially appealed that youths desist from the use of illegal drugs. "We have to prevent the disadvantage of our people by the use of illegal drugs especially the youths on whose hands the nation's future depend", he said.
Minister of Health, the Hon. John Junior delivered the Prime Minister's message. He said that the government remains committed to fighting the problem of drug abuse and noted that the establishment of the drug court among other initiatives provide for rehabilitation of illegal drug users rather than incarceration alone.
"A nation built on unity, love, knowledged and care, is a strong nation," said Dr. Charles Thesiger, Chairman, NCDA in his message, Dr. Thesiger said that as a group we must recognize and address the problems of drug abuse.
He said that "with the increasing availability of illegal substances, school administrators and residents of all communities must be on the alert for signs of drug abuse and be ready to tackle the problem."
JLP caretaker for Central Manchester. Norman Horne represented Leader of he Opposition, Hon. Edward Seaga, who commended the NCDA for the outstanding work its officers have been doing in promoting drug awareness.
Chairman of the Manchester PARADAC, Miss Josein Marshall dramatized a very humorous yet informative piece depicting the damaging impacts of drug abuse.


In memory of Andrew Morgan

So young, so innocent, so loving so friendly and so wonderful. Everyone deserves a chance to live, to have a future and to have a family, but at the tender age of 24, Andrew Morgan's chance was robbed. It was his birthday and even up until that day he did not know that it was his last.

He had plans, he had dreams, he had goals in life.... things he wanted to achieve, all of which were snatched away from him. I can still see him smile, still hear him talk, memories of him still cloud my mind and I ask , why?
Why did someone take his life?
Why did he have to go?
Why didn't he get the chance to fulfill his plans, his dreams, his goals?
Why? Why? Why?

Everyday you hear that someone is missing, then you hear they find he/she dead. And you never once thought that it could happen to a member of your family nor one of your friends. But now I know the real anguish and pain when you lose a dearly loved one. Andrew was loved by everyone in his community and will be sadly missed by all. Memories of him linger on forever. -Latasha Morgan

*Andrew Morgan was a taxi-operator of Newfield, Manchester who was recently found dead several days after he went missing.


STETHS - An Outstanding Institution

From its humble beginning on October 4, 1961, when all that existed was a single block, the St. Elizabeth Technical High School has grown steadily in the path of excellence to a giant institution which places its stamp of quality on each student that passes through its door.
The forty year old institution which was for several years dominated in sports, academics and vocational education, has also in recent times been excelling in extracurricular activities such as music and school clubs.
Principal Dorothy Samuda is the sixth individual to serve the organisation in that capacity. Mrs. Samuda who has dedicated over 27 years to the institution became principal in September 2000. She said that the school, guided by the motto: "Work and Integrity", has continued to meet the expectations of students as well as the general public. She pointed to the impressive passes obtained in external examinations including the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and special highlighted the schools vocational programmes. According to Mrs. Samuda, students of the institution continue to perform creditably in the areas of cosmetology, information technology, home economics and business sciences.
Presently the school enrolls 1500 students and has a staff complement of 75. Sports
STETHS has secured for itself a spot on the list of schools which have made remarkable achievement over the past twenty years, STETHS has won the Healthy Cup title eighteen times in school boy cricket and no fewer than eleven times, the Spalding Cup title.
The school has also produced national cricketers such as Tony Powell, Brian Murphy and Brenton Parchment.
In track and field, STETHS has also been exemplary. They have performanced remarkably in the Boys and Girls Championship. For several years, the school was placed among the top ten schools and in 1990 they managed to be placed second in both championships.
School boy football has not only produced historic moments for the institution, but also rewarding times. They won the DaCosta Cup in 1974 and again in 1999 along with the Oliver Shield. Between those periods, STETHS also produced a number of star footballers who have gone to represent the country at senior levels. Music
Since, the establishment of a singing group in 1992, the St. Elizabeth Technical High School has gained added recognition.
The group which consists of approximately forty students is directed by Richard White and Valrie Gavin, both teachers at the institution,
According to Mr. White the singing group assists in developing the talents of students and at the same time promoting friendship and camaraderie among its members.
The group has gone on to participate at the National Level in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Music Competition on more than one occasion and in 2001 was awarded the most outstanding group entity at the parish finals of the competition.


Unemployment in Central Westmoreland worries JLP caretaker

The state of unemployment and increasing hopelessness in Central Westmoreland is being brought to the attention of government by Trevor Brooks, the JLP Caretaker/Candidate for the Constituency. In a news release, Mr. Brooks points to the drastic redundancies which took place at the Frome Sugar Factory, Grace Food Processors, the other business concerns and in recent times, the massive lay-offs in the tourism sector.
This development is being felt by hundreds of young men and women on the streets of Savannah-la-mar, parading daily in search of a livelihood.
Mr. Brooks said many undesirable features, some the direct result of this malady have come to the fore. There's an increase in the amount of insane persons on the street; an increase in pickpockets, beggars, touts and pimps; and the police can confirm that the incidence of burglary/breaking has also increased.
The JLP Caretaker/Candidate is calling on Dr. Karl Blythe the Member of Parliament and the government to address the situation as their failure to do so will result in a social upheaval similar to what took place at Frome in 1938.


Crab Feast a great success at Riverside Dock

Crab lovers from across Jamaica converged on the beautiful Riverside Dock Restaurant on the banks of the Black River on Sunday 28th to feast on crab in every imaginable way; baked, curried, garlic, ginger & escallion, garlic butter, fried etc. all prepared buffet style in an "all you can eat" atmosphere.
Known crab lovers from Mandeville had a whale of a time with country and western music star Rudy Evans taking patrons down memory lane with popular Conway Twitty and George Tones classics.
Proprietor Phillip Shum indicated that there is lots more in store for seafood lovers as in two weeks an "all you can eat" shrimp feast promises another quality day for the entire family.


Timely Thoughts

In Luke 18, Jesus tells a parable of a Pharisee and a publican who went to the Temple to pray. The Pharisee payed, boasting of how good he was, whereas the publican humbly asked for mercy, being a sinner.

Jesus concluded with this statement, "I tell you, this man (the publican) went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

Hadn't Jesus said, on another occasion, "I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance?"


Dear Andrea,

I have been married for over twenty five years and have four children.
Over the years I have had problems with my husband. The older he gets is the more sexually active he becomes. He appears to have a "fetish" for young women and spends most of his time pursuing them.
I try to make him sexually satisfied but he seems to have an insatiable appetite for young girls' sexual prowesses. He admires girls and looks at them in a lusting manner when we go out. This really aggravates me especially when he visits bars in the locality. I usually get the feeling that he is lusting after those girls at the bars he visits.
Recently I observed him feeding on aphrodisiac foods and boasts about the sensation he gets from having them, It would appear he feeds on them to heighten his sex drive. He fusses with me when I tell him what I think about his behaviour.
In the meantime I have to be keeping tabs on him for fear he makes the wrong move that could jeopardise our relationship. I am really waiting patiently for his organ to get tried and relax. Until then Andrea What must I do?.


Dear Patience,

The saying goes like this "Patient man rides donkey." You are really waiting patiently for what might take some time to happen. If he is really what you paint him to be, you might be in for some serious health problem. Now a days everyone has to be careful of the sexual partners one pursues.
You probably will have to review your lifestyle and come up with innovative ways of keeping your lusting husband away from these young girls. What is it they will do that you are not doing to him?
Look into yourself and if you are not the reason for his behaviour, you need to visit a marriage counsellor who will advice you both on matters that seem to be causing his behaviour, In the meantime try not to fuss with him, give him lots of attention and love. If those don't work your husband is just one greedy son of a man, who needs some other food to cut his sex drive.