Calibe Aisha Thompson, BA (hons): writer / vocalist, Sagittarian, born and raised between Kingston and Miami. If she weren't singing, she'd be in art, design and construction. But music has been #1 on her list of life loves for the past 7 years. Always curious about the industry, she wasn't formally introduced to the business of music until 1995 when she became the second inaugurated member of female quartet Emerge. Emerge dwindled to female duo Girlfriends who, now dismantled, has left one very lyrically and stylistically talented cheese standing alone. Not alone in her studio home environment, she is in good company with Sly and Robbie of Taxi Records, and Orville 'Rorey' Baker, as the family who feeds her rhythmic soul.

Current pre-releases featuring her vocals include "Murderer", "How you Wanna Live", a combination with the Innocent Kru and the lead single from their debut album - 'Innocent', and "Let's Stay Together" a duet with Ghost and tentatively the lead single for his upcoming album. Her vocal skills have been developed through training and her personal desire to emulate her most impactful influences including Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley.

What makes her so special? Begin with a vocal that is reminiscent of sultry Sade, then switches to the smooth edge of Bone Thugs N Harmony, and then swings to the earthy grit of Macy Gray, all the while keeping the yard vibe in the midst. Whether going for daring and controversy, as she does in "Murderer", or moaning a sweet ballad of dreams of love as she does in the song "Searchin", she sounds like no one but herself. She writes as widely as she listens, having the advantages of sharp wit and keen intelligence to feed from. She has gained her stripes as a writer and recording artiste in her own camp. Now enter: Calibe, to prove to the world that she is worthy of recognition.

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